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[texts]Abbie Hoffman FBI Files - abbiehoffman
FBI reports on Abbie Hoffman during the 1960s.  Join us for more Abbie talk at FreeAbbie.com Be a part of the legacy
Keywords: abbiehoffman; yippies; chicago seven; anita hoffman
Downloads: 14
[audio]Rag Radio 01-26-2010 / Author and Adventurer Tom Miller - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
-A conversation with Tom Miller, author, adventurer, and 60s activist and underground journalist. His writing, much of it about the American Southwest, has appeared in major publications including Smithsonian, The New Yorker, Life, and The New York Times. He has published six books, his latest being "Revenge of the Seguaro." His work has also appeared on The Rag Blog. He lives in Tucson and the University of Arizona Library has acquired his archives and exhibited his papers...
Keywords: -Rag Radio; Tom Miller; Thorne Dreyer; Underground Press; Authors; Adventurers; Yippies; Sixties; Activists; The Rag Blog
Downloads: 54
[audio]Rag Radio 02-23-2010 / Underground Journalist Jim Retherford - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
-Conversation with Jim Retherford. Retherford was editor of early 60s underground paper The Spectator in Bloomington, Indiana, and was active with the theatrical protest group, the Yippies. He was ghostwriter for Jerry Rubin's iconic book, "Do It!" Jim has worked in alternative and commercial journalism and graphic design and is active in progressive politics in Austin. He is a contributor to The Rag Blog and a director of the New Journalism Project...
Keywords: -Rag Radio; Jim Retherford; Thorne Dreyer; The Rag Blog; Underground Press; Yippies; Sixties; Activists; Journalists; Jerry Rubin; FBI; COINTELPRO
Downloads: 39
[audio]Rag Radio 03-30-2010 / Author and former Yippie Jonah Raskin - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
-A conversation with Jonah Raskin about the California Marijuana Initiative, Sixties activism, and much more. Raskin is an activist and educator, the author of a dozen books, the former Minister of Information for the Yippies and member of SDS, and is a regular contributor to The Rag Blog. He teaches media law at Sonoma State University in northern California. Also participating: Mariann Wizard. Host and producer: Thorne Dreyer...
Keywords: -Rag Radio, Thorne Dreyer, Jonah Raskin, Mariann Wizard, California Marijuana Initiative, Yippies, SDS, Sixties, Activists, Authors, Educators, The Rag Blog
Downloads: 30
[audio]Rag Radio 2013-04-13 - Sixties Activists and Original Yippies Judy Gumbo Albert & Nancy Kurshan - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Judy Gumbo Albert and Nancy Kurshan were original members of the Youth International Party -- the Yippies -- along with their respective partners, Stew Albert and Jerry Rubin, and others like Abbie Hoffman, Anita Hoffman, and Paul Krassner. The Yippies were an anarchist-leaning Sixties group known for their street theater and symbolic political actions that merged New Left and countercultural values...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Thorne Dreyer; Judy Gumbo Albert; Nancy Kurshan; Yippies; Sixties; New Left; Counterculture; Prison Reform; Underground Press
Downloads: 79
[movies]Alternative Views #392,393: A WILD EVENING WITH PAUL KRASSNER (PARTS I&II) - Frank Morrow
392. A WILD EVENING WITH PAUL KRASSNER (PART I) 60's Generation radical and political satirist Krassner provides us with the first of two programs containing his searing and insightful wit. One of the founders of the Yippies and editor of "The Realist," Paul uses his sharp humor to penetrate the fog and foolishness of contemporary America, showing how shallow the contemporary political comedians are by comparison...
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; Paul Krassner; The Realist; Yippies; political comedian; News
Downloads: 908
[audio]Yippie rally, Sproul steps, Berkeley
Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin and Eldridge Cleaver speak at the Yippie Pre-Erection Day rally on the University of California, Berkeley campus on October 30th, 1968. They talk about the current political situation, and student issues.
Keywords: Rubin, Jerry; Cleaver, Eldridge, 1935-; Hayden, Tom; Student movements -- Berkeley (Calif.); Yippie rally, Sproul steps, Berkeley; BLACK PANTHERS; CLEAVER, ELDRIDGE; HAYDEN, TOM; YOM KIPPUR; RUBIN, JERRY; YIPPIES
Downloads: 58
[audio]Born to Be Cannon Fodder - Wild Worm Web
Le Colibri Necrophile is ashamed to present a shitty commercial extended play : Born to Be Cannon Fodder by Wild Worm Web 1. Angel Patchun [ Tribute to Ghazala Javed ] 2. Three Phase Trinity [ Tribute to Meredith Monk ] 3. Open The Doors Of The Zoo Of Death [ Tribute to the road victims ] 4.Astral Flight Over A Nest Of Black And White Cocoons [ Tribute to Alien ] Created in 2012 for the weekly Marathon http://lemarathondelasemaine.blogspot.fr/ And here few video http://www.youtube.com/user/WildW...
Keywords: colibri necrophile; wild worm web; ed end; www; electro; trip hop; experimental; ambiant; plunderphonic; dubstep; abstract; industrial; Mixtape; Slowcore; World; Ethnic; Dance; Indie; Yippies; Free; Commercial
Downloads: 195
[audio]Rag Radio - 2010-08-03 / Satirist and Realist Editor Paul Krassner: Part One - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
An author, journalist, and stand-up comedian, Paul Krassner was the founder and editor of the legendary journal of social and political satire, The Realist. He was a founder of the Youth International Party (the Yippies), and was a member of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters. He was a radio personality in San Francisco, known as “Rumpleforeskin.” His writing has appeared in major publications, including Playboy, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, National Lampoon, Mad Magazine, and The Village Voice...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Paul Krassner; Thorne Dreyer; The Realist; Underground Press; The Rag; The Sixties; Satirists; Editors; Yippies; Groucho Marx; Rag Radio
Downloads: 211
[audio]Rag Radio 2013-05-03 - 'Radio Unnameable': Free-Form Radio Pioneer Bob Fass & Filmmaker Paul Lovelace - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Bob Fass, who was born June 29, 1933, is an American radio legend who was a pioneer of free-form radio and who has been on the air in the New York region for almost 50 years. His late-night program, "Radio Unnameable," was first broadcast in 1963 on listener-sponsored Pacifica radio station, WBAI. From the beginning the show featured regular appearances by counterculture figures such as Paul Krassner, Bob Dylan, Abbie Hoffman, Phil Ochs, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and Wavy Gravy, and broadca...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Bob Fass; Paul Lovelace; Thorne Dreyer; Radio Unnameable; Radio Personalities; Filmmakers; Yippies; Sixties; Pacifica; WBAI; Countercultural; Free-Form Radio; New York Radio
Downloads: 186
[audio]Rag Radio 2010-09-14 / New Left Leader and Underground Press Editor Jeffrey Nightbyrd - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Jeffrey Nightbyrd was a major figure in the Sixties New Left and the underground and alternative press. Nightbyrd -- formerly Jeff Shero -- served as national vice president of SDS and was active with the Yippies. He was a founder of The Rag in Austin and edited the Austin Sun and New York's RAT. The Rag was one of the most influential of the first wave of underground papers and RAT gained national noteriety for its political and cultural coverage...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Jeffrey Nightbyrd; Thorne Dreyer; Abbie Hoffman; New Left; SDS; Sixties; Underground Press; Austin Sun; The Rag; Michael Eakin; Yippies
Downloads: 85
[texts]Take The Toke Heard Round The World - YIPster Times - Yippies / NY
The Yippies were a highly theatrical political activist group established in 1967 - Abbie Hoffman, Anita Hoffman and Paul Krassner were among its early founders. The term is a backronym - it was conceived by Krassner as a whimsical play on "hippies"; later the acronym Youth International Party was applied to have the group taken more seriously. The Yippies are fascinating - click here for story and links...
Keywords: yipster; yipster times; yippies; dana beal; drugs; global marijuana march; global marihana march; worldwide; marihuana march; youth international party; hippies; new york; movement; legalize; hemp; cannabis; marihuana; hanf; legalisierung
Downloads: 403
[audio]Anábasis 047 - (29-X-14) - Luchas en los Estados Unidos en los años 60 y 70 - Anábasis
Cuadragésimo séptima emisión de Anábasis, programa de Radio QK (Uviéu, 107.3 FM / radioqk.org), 29 de octubre de 2014. Historia, memoria, conflicto. En el programa de hoy, junto con las compañeras Jara y Diego, redactoras de Atlántica XXII y las editoras Mar (Morate) y Dani (Hoja de Lata), mediante, conversamos con Bernardine Dohrn y Bill Ayers. Ambas formaron parte activa del movimiento de contestación radical en los Estados Unidos en los años 60 y 70 y fueron fundadoras del grupo de a...
Keywords: radioqk; radio qk; radio almaina; radio bala; radio ela; anabasis; anábasis; historia; lucha de clases; chicago; martin luther king; united auto workers; democracia; nixon; mccarthy; afl; cio; students for a democratic society; sncc; saul alinsky; racismo; imperialismo; supremacismo; socialdemocracia; paulo freire; ferguson; brutalidad policial; cárcel; new left; unión soviética; stalinismo; tercermundismo; ho chi minh; fidel castro; che guevara; nguyen yiap; amilcar cabral; african national congress; tupamaros; nacionalismo revolucionario; anticolonialismo; liberación nacional; cpusa; black panthers; sectarismo; maoísmo; fbi; feminismo; sexo; puritanismo; anticoncepción; young lords; motherfuckers; american indian movement; yippies; white panthers; convención demócrata de chicago; pigassus; lucha armada; sabotaje; terrorismo; educación; pacifismo; migraciones; huelga de los profesores de chicago; marea verde; marea blanca; salario mínimo; trabajadoras domésticas
Downloads: 59
[audio]Anábasis 029 - (31-I-14) - La Internacional Situacionista y su tiempo - Anábasis
Vigésimo novena emisión de Anábasis, programa de Radio QK (Uviéu, 107.3 FM / radioqk.org), 31 de enero de 2014. Historia, memoria, conflicto. En julio de 1957, en la localidad italiana de Cosio di Arroscia, tres grupos de vanguardia artística (la Internacional Letrista, el Movimiento Internacional por un Bauhaus Imaginista y el Comité Psico-Geográfico de Londres) fundan la INTERNACIONAL SITUACIONISTA, con el propósito explícito de destruir el arte e intentar una construcción más libr...
Keywords: radioqk; radio qk; anabasis; anábasis; historia; lucha de clases; memoria histórica; ràdio bala; radio almaina; miquel amorós; panzieri; obrerismo; potere operaio; lotta continua; azione rivolucionaria; nap; prima línea; brigatte rosse; federación anarquista; enragés; situacionismo; nanterre; rené riesel; daniel cohn-bendit; movimiento 22 de marzo; cmdo; huelga general; pro-situs; santi soler; movimiento ibérico de liberación; mil-gac; internacional situacionista; la banquise; jean barrot; gilles dauve; klinamen; ajoblanco; fernando savater; cioran; nietzsche; incontrolados; trabajadores por la autonomía proletaria y la revolución social; vanguardias artísticas; encyclopedie des nuisances; transacción democrática; transición; barricada; argelaga; antidesarrollismo; arte; cultura; cambiar la vida; internacional letrista; letrismo; bauhaus; psicogeografía; surrealismo; dadaísmo; trotskismo; izquierdismo; consejismo; ultraizquierda; construcción de situaciones; urbanismo unitario; pintura industrial; deriva; cine; juego; desvío; detournement; socialisme ou barbarie; henri lefebvre; vida cotidiana; guy debord; pinot-gallizio; asger jorn; espectáculo; revolución social; cuestión social; argelia; francia; capitalismo; sociedad de consumo; consumismo; revolución cultural china; capitalismo de Estado; mercancía; mercantilización; ocio; juventud; mass media; publicidad; huelga; sabotaje; movimiento obrero; hegel; marx; lukacs; raoul vaneigem; sartre; godard; arguments; planeté; le nouvel observateur; escándalo de estrasburgo; unef; miseria; sociedad del espectáculo; comunismo; anarquismo; inglaterra; heatwave; alexander trocchi; contracultura; hippies; living theater; ácido; lsd; yippies; motherfuckers; sds; weatherman; lucha armada; iww; black mask; paolo salvador; pavan; sanguinetti; eduardo rothe; christian sebastiani; otoño rampante; 1968; 1977; autonomía obrera; operaismo
Downloads: 152
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